Backyartists Nature Walk (Searching for Fairy Soup Ingredients)

“What a wonderful and engaging program!! My daughter attended a session of the Backyartists and loved every minute. Krystal was extremely organized, creative and professional. She had the morning structured with both routines (circle time, crafts, snack) as well as free play and plenty of time for the children to enjoy the outdoors, their activities, and socialize with one another in a nurturing and caring environment. My daughter brought home such beautiful artwork and a new interest in playing the same games the Backyartists had done in our own backyard. How nice to see children enjoying the outdoors and one another! I was very impressed with Krystal’s program, website, and the community she built amongst the children. I highly recommend this program for a well-rounded and wholesome experience for your child!”

~Sarah Holder

“The Backyartists Program was so fun and creative! It was exactly what we were looking for. My son was so proud of the daily art he created and he made special memories with all of his friends this summer. This program is phenomenal and Krystal is just fabulous!”

~Tara McCrystal

“My two little ones had so much fun at the Backyartists. The program offered such awesome activities for all the kids. They were fully equipped with all supplies needed for them to get out all of their creative energy. They searched the yard for different items to decorate a fairy house. Krystal is incredible and works with all the kids with such patience and kindness. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

~Samantha Turnof